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Plastic Repairs with Plastic Welding

If you have a broken plastic part, don't throw it away!

• Automobile Parts
• Motorcycle Parts
• Boats/ water craft Parts
• ATV Parts
• Snowmobile Parts
• Tanks and containers
• Outdoor/ Lawn Furniture
• The possibilities are endless

Plastic has become a disposable commodity. When it breaks we throw it away and buy another one. Here at Happy Trails RV Service LLC we say don’t throw it away, have it fixed. From car bumpers to motorcycle fenders, buckets and other containers, tanks of all shapes and sizes, it’s all repairable. This is done by “Plastic Welding.”

plastic welding                     plastic welding

If you have cracked, broken or split plastic, our plastic welding products will repair the job easily and effectively. We are surrounded by plastics like our computers, kitchen appliances, boats, automotive, tanks, motorcycles, toy’s and household utensils to name a few. Most of these will be less expensive to repair than to replace and some we can’t replace even if we wanted to.
Plastic Welding can weld all types of plastic such as PVC, Nylon, and ABS. We can weld plastic up to 1/2" thick. We can definitely save you money on costly repairs. We help you save money by repairing and welding automobile, ATV, snowmobile, motorcycle parts and much more.

Once the part has been welded, the weld is then stronger than the original piece. If a bolt hole has been wallowed out and can no longer hold or support the bolt, don’t worry, this can also be fixed. We simply fill the hole with welding rod, sand it down and drill another hole in the piece. It becomes stronger now than it was originally. If a piece has a large damaged area, we can cut out the entire damaged area and replace it with another newer piece.

Not only are you saving money but you are also saving our environment. With hard times like they are in today’s world we need to save money in every area we can. Think about it: fixing a 100 gallon water tank for around $25 or buying a new one for over $150.

plastic welding              plastic welding


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